Emmaline Hoffmeister book signing for Longbourn's Unexpected Matchmaker at Eagle Harbor Book Company

Eagle Harbor Book Company, Eagle Harbor, Washington

Emmaline Hoffmeister book signing at Eagle Harbor Book Company in Eagle Harbor, Washington on July 17, 2010.

My book in the window of the bookstore and the announcement announcing the author event.

This book signing was especially exciting because Rhett and the kids came with me and it was the first time the boys had ridden on a Ferry. The ferry's name was WENATCHEE which was fun because we lived in Wenatchee, Washington at the time of this books signing.

It was a crazy windy ride on the front of the ferry. We took a selfie with the kids, but this was back before cell phones had cameras and our camera was film so you couldn't see what your picture looked like. This is the only one that had all 4 of us in the picture without half a face cut off.

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