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Emmaline Hoffmeister

About Emmaline Hoffmeister

Emmaline Hoffmeister is a bestselling author whose novels capture the timeless themes of love, family, and society that Jane Austen herself wrote about so brilliantly. Emmaline's books have touched the lives of countless readers worldwide, inspiring them to overcome adversity and find hope in the power of love and family. If you share her love for Jane Austen's timeless tales, be sure to check out Emmaline's other novels.

Now, after enchanting us with her captivating Pride and Prejudice variations, we are delighted to inform you that she is embarking on a new literary journey. Emmaline is venturing into the realm of modern Christian fiction, weaving tales that beautifully illuminate her deep-rooted faith with some suspense and action.

When not writing, Emmaline can be found taking long walks along the rivers, lakes, and mountains of the Lakeland region of North Idaho, where she calls home.

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