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Emmaline Hoffmeister | Publication Date:

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Jane Austen Variation 5 Book Bundle

Jane Austen Variation 5 Book Bundle

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All 5 stories are clean and wholesome Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice Romance's. 

Each book is stand-alone and can be read in any order.


You will receive the following books:

Longbourn's Unexpected Matchmaker

The Illegitimate Heir

Scent of Desire

Threat of Scandal

Pemberley Mistletoe


About The Books

Longbourn's Unexpected Matchmaker

Longbourn's Unexpected Matchmaker by Emmaline Hoffmeister - Cover Image

How would Pride and Prejudice change if Colonel Fitzwilliam accompanied Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy to Netherfield?

Imagine Mr Darcy befriending a mysterious resident of Meryton who refuses formal introductions but has a close relationship with the Bennet family.

Elizabeth Bennet, the second of five daughters of Mr Thomas Bennet, captures the interest of the wealthy and handsome Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy almost immediately. However, when Darcy deliberately misinterprets her family's expectations for a prosperous marriage and insults her in a manner unlike anything seen in Jane Austen’s acclaimed 
Pride and Prejudice, he faces a critical choice: leave forever or make amends. Sulking in the library, he resolves to depart and forget her, but a mysterious figure from the Meryton neighbourhood, closely acquainted with the Bennets, offers him advice on how to win Elizabeth's heart.

Longbourn’s Unexpected Matchmaker offers an unexpected twist on Pride and Prejudice. With Colonel Fitzwilliam joining Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy at Netherfield, Elizabeth Bennet’s keen wit unravels the motives of Mr Darcy's longtime adversary, Lieutenant George Wickham. Meanwhile, Georgiana Darcy defies her brother and cousin, arriving in Meryton amidst a storm, and Caroline Bingley, Lieutenant Wickham, and Lady Catherine all conspire to prevent our hero and heroine from finding their happily ever after.


The Illegitimate Heir

The Illegitimate Heir by Emmaline Hoffmeister - Cover Image


The romantic tale of an honourable soldier, a rich beauty, and a vengeful rake.

The younger son of an earl often cannot afford to marry for love, so it is fortunate Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam has fallen in love with Helen Malham, who has both beauty and wealth. Her father, however, will not allow her to marry a man without a title.

When the Prince Regent names Richard the Duke of Blachedone, it is both a blessing and a curse. His newly acquired title means he may marry Helen—assuming she will have him once the truth comes out. He was awarded the dukedom not for his service to the Crown, but because he is the former duke’s illegitimate son, and soon all of London will know.

Mr. Calvin Adwell is a rake and a blackguard and set to be one of the richest dukes in England … until his uncle is stripped of his titles and possessions while on his deathbed. Bereft of his inheritance, Calvin will stop at nothing to get revenge on his uncle’s illegitimate heir. He will strike at Richard in any way he can, even if it means ruining an innocent woman.


Scent of Desire

Scent of Desire by Emmaline Hoffmeister - Cover Image


Scent of Desire is a captivating and sweet Regency romance that lights up the pages with irrefutable love and unrestrained emotion.

After a tempestuous acquaintance fraught with misconceptions, Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy are at last of one mind and heart. Their betrothal is not without its own difficulties, however, and a single misunderstanding may place all of their future happiness in jeopardy.

Scent of Desire is a Pride and Prejudice variation and expansion chronicling the six-week engagement of one of the world’s most beloved Jane Austen couples.


Threat of Scandal

Threat of Scandal by Emmaline Hoffmeister - Cover Image


Threat of Scandal, Georgiana Darcy learns how love can hurt as well as heal.

At twenty years of age, Georgiana Darcy embarks on her third season in London hoping to find true love. Things go terribly wrong when she is implicated in a scandalous affair with the Duke of Rothford and, though she is innocent of wrongdoing, London society shuns her and her reputation is in tatters.

For months the Duke has had troubles of his own; the last thing he needs is to be caught up in London’s latest scandal with a perfect stranger. The Duke is an honourable man, however, and does his best to clear their names and restore Georgiana’s reputation.

The Duke’s kindness and attentiveness ignite the kind of love in Georgiana she’s always dreamed of. She knows a peer of the realm could never marry a mere gentleman’s daughter, so she contents herself with simply being near him. But when a new scandal arises, she must leave London and the Duke or risk losing her reputation forever.


Pemberley Mistletoe

Pemberley Mistletoe by Emmaline Hoffmeister - Cover Image

“... love in colors of red and green, kisses under the mistletoe, and drama ...”

Christmas generally means presents, family, love in colors of red and green, kisses under the mistletoe, and drama; because what is family without some drama?

Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy had enjoyed a fortnight of being totally irresponsible with regards to anything other than matters of the heart, but the honeymoon is over, and Christmas is sneaking up on them. With the assistance of Mrs. Reynolds, Elizabeth decorates the manor and plans for an intimate holiday party of six, but little does she know how upside down those plans will turn when the party ends up with an additional thirteen uninvited guests.

Will Elizabeth Darcy be able to blend the Darcy and Bennet traditions into a holiday that both she and Fitzwilliam can enjoy, and can she do it while so many women are in attendance waiting for her to mess up?

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