Rhemalda Publishing Author Dinner at Got Stories Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah

Got Stories Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah

Got Stories Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 16, 2012.

Rhemalda Publishing: Back Row Left to Right: Rhett Hoffmeister (Owner and CEO), Robyn Chance (Author), Cas Peace (Author), Breanne Best (Author), and T.J. Robinson (Author)

Front Row Left to Right: Amber Smith (Author), Emmaline Hoffmeister (Owner, CFO, and Author), Karen Amanda Hooper (Author), and Michelle Davidson Argyle (Designer and Author)

Rhett and Emmaline Hoffmeister

The publisher took all of the authors out to dinner after the event and author Michelle Davidson Argyle took this photo of Aldrich and Darce. For years, it has been one of my favorite pictures of the boys.

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