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Burden of Innocence; Shaleslip Manor Book 3

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Blind people are not always the ones that can't see ...

In the Shaleslip Manor collection, bestselling author Emmaline Hoffmeister continues the story of Gregory and Marjorie Royse. Immerse yourself in Regency England with these tales of heartbreak, adventure, and suspense.

Ghosts from the past keep a family apart in Burden of Innocence, the third instalment in Emmaline Hoffmeister’s beloved Shaleslip Manor collection.

While all of Shaleslip Manor is preparing for the annual May Day celebration, tragedy strikes among the tenants. Paul Goss is losing his fight against a mysterious illness and stands at Death’s door. With his blind daughter, Daisy, soon to be orphaned, he makes one last request: Find his estranged reclusive father and bring him home so Daisy will be taken care of.

Marjorie and Gregory rush to his aid, but the far-reaching effects of a thirty-year-old scandal stand in the way of their success. Can they touch the old recluse’s heart and help him see how much Daisy needs him, or will Daisy be left to rely on the charity of strangers?

In Burden of Innocence, the charming denizens of Emmaline Hoffmeister’s Shaleslip Manor learn the importance of family and security in a tale sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Publication Date: August 31, 2015

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