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True Lies; Shaleslip Manor Book 2

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From bestselling author Emmaline Hoffmeister comes the latest in her Shaleslip Manor collection.

Gregory and Marjorie Royse are enjoying another perfect day at Shaleslip Manor when their peace is shattered by the arrival of some unexpected guests. Lady Opale de Dampierre, touring England with her father and fiancé, is beside herself when her dowry is stolen and her father injured in a highway robbery. The battered, shaken travellers take shelter at Shaleslip Manor where Gregory and Marjorie begin to suspect that not all is as it seems.

Dom André, the dashing groom-to-be, appears by turns to be deeply in love with and entirely uninterested in his future wife. Lord Hugo, the lady’s father, is not as concerned as he should be by the loss of his daughter’s fortune, and there is something unusual about the dowry itself. It is up to Gregory and his cousin, Colonel Robert Booth, to unravel these mysteries before the thieves strike again and all of Shaleslip Manor descends into chaos.

In True Lies, Emmaline Hoffmeister continues to explore the enchanting world she first visited in Narrow Escape, creating an atmosphere of romance and intrigue that will make you want to lose yourself in life at Shaleslip Manor and never leave.

Publication Date: July 20, 2015

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